25 Years AGO, Ken Finneran Met Stan Blackmer.

Fast friends, the men discovered they shared a passion for vintage eyewear from a bygone era when everything was built to last and movies stars become legendary. Each gentleman had enviable vintage collections and decided to merge their bounty and sell the frames at New York's famed Chelsea Flea market. When their little booth become famous and they couldn't handle demand, Ken and Stan opened a store in the East Village - the center of New York's counterculture - naming the store after Stan's fabulous bird; a Macaw everyone knew as Fabulous Fanny.

Fabulous fanny’s flourished.

Frequented by celebrities and those in-the-know, Fanny's became an unrivaled resource for the perfect period eyewear for both Hollywood and Broadway.

As luck would have it, Optical legends and fellow vintage - lovers, BOB HILLMAN ( Pearle Vision & Eyelab Founder ) and LARRY BELL ( EyeQ Co-Founder), reached out to Ken to curate and recreate the most famous vintage styles from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Today, Fabulous Fanny's NYC hand - finishes all their frames in Italy with a combination of the world's best materials, including French Monel screws, Germans stainless steels hinges, Japanese titanium nose pads and Italian acetate for our plastic frames, all barrel-cured for 3 days for the perfect finish.